Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting New Zealand

New Zealand is a hunting mecca that both challenges and rewards hunters like they never have been before. Under the professional guidance from the team of local New Zealand guides you will streamline the skills required in New Zealand to the next level. You will hunt exciting new terrain and open the door to a New Zealand style of hunting culture.

For all your New Zealand big game hunting requirements please contact us for further info and pricing. Red Stag, Himalayan Tahr, Chamois, Fallow Buck, free range meat hunts.

red stag

Trophy of a lifetime

Red Stag, Fallow Buck, Himalayan Tahr, Chamois, the list goes on. New Zealand is blessed with an extensive range of big game animals for you to test your skills against. Selecting the hunting experience that is right for you is a big part of your journey. Contact Jake and his team for more information on the best options for your dream New Zealand experience.



Accommodation will be a mix of luxury apartments, wilderness cabins, B&B’s, private cottages and unique New Zealand lodges. Spend your evenings in the comfort of your accommodation, sharing in laughter and stories from your days on the hill. You will meet local land owners and true Kiwis who make your New Zealand experience complete.

Big Game Hunting Bowhunting

New Zealand wilderness

New Zealand conditions can be very changeable and play a big role in the success of a New Zealand hunting trip. This is why we have enlisted local legends/experts who know this country back to front. They will put you into locations that are not only stunning but that will maximise your chances of having the adventure of a lifetime. These guys live and breathe New Zealand trophy hunting and match trophy quality with scenic beauty. 

Big Game Hunting

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Put yourself in the picture and start your New Zealand experience today. This is a trip of a lifetime that will leave you wanting more of New Zealand’s premier hunting experience.

Duration: Multi day.
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